Who We Are

Strong institutions are the foundations upon which sustainable societies are built. We are a child and youth-centric Non-Governmental Organization registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria working at the discharge of a burden to prepare the next generation of Africans for leadership, development and excellence.

The ideologies which promote a more sustainable Africa can be passed on to the next generation through platforms that also create opportunities for the voices of children and young people to be heard. Such organizations and institutions are value-centered and have a primary focus on social-economic change. This is what we represent.

At Globe Takers Foundation for Child Development, we are committed to bridging the gaps in child and adolescent development practices in Africa. Our gaze is set on introducing 21st century best practices into education and development that will foster inclusion, reduce poverty, promote peace, good health and equality to the African child.

21 Number of Schools
5351 Number of Students Reached

Our Vision

Equipping Africa’s future generation to develop, lead and excel.

Our Mission

Drive policies and programs through systemic infrastructure, development provisions and opportunities that accommodate the engagement and sustainable development of the African child and adolescent population.

Our Objectives

  1. Bridge gaps in the child development space at all levels by adopting best global practices/innovative solutions and adapting them to the systems in Africa.
  2. Initiate conversations that foster 21st century solutions to child and adolescent development needs in Africa.
  3. Create platforms that identify, promote and leverage on strategic infrastructure to support child and adolescent development in Africa.
  4. Engage the public and private sector to developing policies and programs that serve as enablers to meeting the holistic needs of the African child.
  5. Ensure that children in Africa can confidently compete with their global contemporaries by 2063.
  6. Create practical development and educational solutions for the out-of-school children population.
  7. Reorient the mind of the African child, by promoting value-centred leadership, collaboration, entrepreneurship, complex problem solving and STEAM skills.

Our Story

Our Way of Success

The world we inhabit today constitutes societies where a few soar, many fly and a majority struggle to flap their wings. As we pondered on the predicaments that have befallen this generation, we came to a consensus that even as change is inevitable in which ever course it takes, necessary steps towards positive change must be taken if Africa will rise to the fullness of her potential.

Our story is a blend of three unique experiences that occurred in Ukraine and Nigeria. While Dr. Edema was running an NGO in Ukraine, He took up a project in the D.R Congo to provide education for orphan girls. Concurrently, Mr Ayo and Mr Otu were working in the field of child development and youth leadership in Nigeria. Through their experiences they gained great insight into the challenges which the average African child faces on a daily bases, lapses in the education system and the cracks in our societal structure which have prevented the maximization of human capital on the continent.

Coincidentally Dr Edema and Mr. Ayo were selected candidates among other emerging young leaders to participate at the World Banks Youth Summit in Washington in the year 2018. There, they shared their displeasure from their individual experiences and left Washington with a plan to contribute to the development of the African child. A conference call with other like minds was all it took to set the ball rolling and here we are today; committed to the growth, development and excellence of the African child.

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