Concept Note

Globe Takers Starbox is a project aimed at developing the total capacities of children and adolescents (Ages 4-19 years) with significant focus on individual creative capacities of this demographic. 2017 World Education Services report research shows the rate of outbound Nigerian students to the west continues to rise on a mouth-gaping scale.

This will keep draining the skillset necessary to develop the country with an increasing percentage of young people leaving the shores of Nigeria to environments where their skills are specifically identified, horned and shaped.

This number has been continuously rising from 2015 till date and will continue to rise until timely action is put in place by relevant child development sector in Nigeria.

Problem Statement

The average Nigerian family and environment stifles creativity and opportunities that each Nigerian child carries. This has resulted in many children growing into unproductive adults with an incredible number of this population still dependent on their families and the government. Individualized skill and creative capacity has been underplayed and everyone is looking for a white collar job and pieces of the national cake. This has short-circuited tremendous potential identification and development and consistently puts an average Nigerian child on a ‘Catch-up’ role with the rest of the world. It is gradually becoming a bad sight as many Nigerian children will not be able to compete with their African contemporaries like Rwanda in the nearest future.

It is this glaring child development gap in Nigeria that has spurred our interest to develop sustainable intervention models that meet the growing self-awareness and development yearnings of Nigerian children. This project shall adopt best-practices, design thinking and sustainable development routes to providing the necessary environments and resources for its implementation. With the recent disturbing number of out-of-school children in Nigeria, Globe Takers Foundation for Child Development has consistently developed strategic engagement routes to serve as enablers in global child development interventions with special focus on Nigeria.

However, the growing disparities in access to education has to be intentionally and fiercely bridged to be able to provide sustainable platforms to help children discover, develop and deploy (3Ds) their individual creative capacities. Recent studies by Capital IQ and Company also reveal private investments are taking leads in education space. Source: Capital IQ Company

It is estimated that 90% of future jobs will involve digital literacy. However, it is saddening to also note the 35% of 15 year olds are not digitally literate. The star box will adapt creative capacities of children to fit the tech space as recent trends shows teenagers will most likely spend time on social media than open a book.

The Star Box deliverables shall birth the next generation of children from ‘intentions to action plans’ which shall mitigate the outbound Nigerian students’ migration to the West for greener educational pastures. These children will be able to create solutions for Africans by Africans with sights on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of generation Alpha meeting their own needs.

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