The future of our continent indirectly lies in the hand of the people in charge of preparing our future generation- teachers.

Unfortunately, majority of the people in the teaching profession have not been adequately prepared to teach with the understanding that they have been graced with the task of preparing Africa for the future.

Train the trainer is a project aimed at re-educating teachers, education enthusiast and school management on 21st century relevant leadership skills and educational innovations that will help prepare the future of Africa.

Research has shown that by the year 2035, approximately 40% of jobs in Africa will be subject to automations and approximately 60% of jobs that will exist in the developed world at that time aren’t in existence today. Through seminars, workshops and conferences, this project aims at inculcating into those at the forefront of training our children and youths insight, which will enable them be better equipped to serve.

Train the Trainer

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