Ayotunde Paul Fasanya. has a background in Finance, with over a decade experience in Grants Management and reporting at the Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria, He has taken certificate courses in Child Development, at the University of Minnesota and Utrecht University Respectively. His passion for Child development, especially in Africa had made him collaborate with the 8th Nigerian National Assembly in passing a bill for the establishment of the National Center for Child Development, a national organization with a vision to create enabling environment to foster the whole development of the Nigerian child, He is also the current Director General of the Africa Space foundation, a Non governmental organization geared with the vision to promote the development of Space science and technology in Africa, He has designed various developmental projects for children in Nigeria, such as the Leaders in Training (LIT) and Discovery Camp, which led to an invitation at the World Bank Group, Youth Forum 2018, He is a co-founder of the Globe Takers Foundation for Child development and serves as the president of the organization.

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